How MidiMapper works

MidiMapper has 8 maps, each structured as the following one:

The led button, showing the map number, activates and deactivates the relevant map; please take note that, in order to work, the active maps must form a sequential chain starting from map no. 1; in other words an inactive map "breaks the chain" and all the following maps, even if active, don't work. 

Then you find three rows of selectors: 

  • the black selectors filter the midi events to be transformed;
  • the red selectors modify the events/values so filtered;
  • the two black selectors in the third row allow the swapping of the midi events values (so that the first value of the incoming event can become the second value of the modified one and/or vice-versa). 

At the end of each map you find the “Thru” switch

  • in the left position the incoming event, as modified, goes to the midi output and cannot be further modified; 
  • in the right position, whilst the modified event goes to the midi output, the original one is sent to the following map (if active) for further modification. 

As for the columns: 

  • Chan.” allows the filtering and/or the change of the midi channel (1-16); 
  • Event” allows the filtering and/or the change of the midi event types:




Program Change

Pitch Bend 

  • Value 1” and “Value 2” allow the filtering and/or the change of the event values: 

Event Type
Value 1
Value 2
Note number (0-127)
Release (Any, 0-127)
Note number (0-127)
Velocity (0=NoteOff, 1-127)
Control type (0-127)
Control value (0-127)
Program Change
Program number (0-127,#1-128)
Pitch Bend
Must be set to 0
Pitch Bend wheel position
(0-127, where 64=centered, 0=all down, 127= all up)


The word "any":

  • in the black selectors means that all the incoming events/values will be filtered for modification;
  • in the red selectors means that the incoming value will not be modified (the same meaning, with reference to the event type, has "match in." that you find in the red event selector).

Each setting, formed by 8 maps, can be named and saved in one of the 128 available programs. Each program or all the 128 programs can be saved in a txt file for future loading.

MidiMapper is delivered with some simple maps (the same present in the demo version), just to have a little idea of what it can do.

© 2007 MidiKarval